Prezi Talks

The Paris Agreement: Implications to Latin America and the Caribbean’s energy sector
Presentation given at the IV Iberoamerican Renewable Energy Forum  (Santiago de Chile, Chile).
November 2016

Peru: on Its Way to the Just Energy Transition
Presentation given at University of Lima (Lima, Peru).
September 2016

Sustainable Energy Integration in Latin America and the Caribbean

Presentation given at Latin American Energy Organization (OLADE)’s XI Regional Energy Integration Forum (Panama City, Panama).
September 2016

Puebla: Constructing the Just Energy Transition
Keynote presentation given at Puebla’s Congress in the context of  Puebla’s UN-Habitat Parliamentarian August session (H. Puebla de Zaragoza, Mexico).
August 2016

The Paris Agreement: Implications for Latin America’s Energy Sector
Keynote presentation given at BRACIER’s 50th Anniversary and International Seminar on Clean Energy and Technological Challenges for Latin America (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil).
May 2016

Electricity Integration: REconsidering the Concept in Latin America
Presentation given at COP21 Side Event: “Powering up Resilience through Collaboration: the Role of Electricity Integration Based on Renewable Energies in Latin America” (Paris, France).
December 2015

Well on our Way to Cost Parity: a Brief Guide to the Economics of Renewable Energy
Presentation given to world parliamentarians at Climate Parliament roundtable on Green Growth in Paris, France.
December 2015

A Hero’s Journey to Global Change: REnewing the Sustainability Paradigm 
Lecture on climate change and renewable energy leadership. The lecture was given to MBA students at ITESM [Santa Fe] EGADE Business School in Mexico City, Mexico.
November 2015

Power Integration: REnewing the Grid Against Climate Change
Presentation on the role of power integration in driving forward renewable energy in Latin America. The talk was given in the context of CEID’s VIII International Congress on Environment “Low-carbon Economy: Sustainable Development and the Answers to Climate Change” in Bogota, Colombia.
October 2015

Resilience Thinking for a Sustainable Energy World
Presentation on the current resilience of the global energy system and the opportunities ahead to make it more sustainable. The talk was given in the context of UNAM Renewable Energy Institute (IER)’s “Cultural Energy Tuesday” in Temixco, Mexico.
August 2015

A Date with the Sun: Status Quo and Future Outlooks for Solar REvolution
Presentation on markets, trends and opportunities for a global solar transformation. The talk was given in the context of the International Low-Carbon Cities Forum in Shenzhen, China.
June 2015

One Planet Leaders: Dialectics of a New [Energy] Paradigm  
Lecture on innovation, climate change and sustainable leadership. The lecture was given in the context of University of the Americas Puebla (UDLAP)’s 10th International Congress on Chemical Engineering, Food Engineering and Environmental Engineering (CONIIQUAA) 2015.
April 2015

Latin America: the New Renewable Energy Frontier
Presentation on markets and regulations for renewable energy in Latin America. Presentation given at the Latin American Student Energy Sumit (LASES) 2014.
June 2014

REnewing the Grid: Business Model for Transmission Capacity Enhancement in México 
Presentation on a business model for renewable energy integration into Mexican transmission infrastructure and operations given at Mexican Ministry of Energy close event in Mexico City.
May 2014

Kaleidoscopic thinking: getting closer to the global citizenship and the role of the Mexican international around the World
First LEX and ATU Congress  at Madero University (UMAD) Puebla, Mexico.
March 2014

Busting the myths: Debunking myths about renewable energy
Presentation on a WWF report in which I am lead author and main editor.
January 2014

#FuelShit! The #ClimateChange Science and the Art of Misinformation
Talk given at the Americas University – Puebla (UDLAP)’s Art Chapel in the context of the Exhibition “Examples to follow” (in Spanish). The talk was given by Alberto Carrillo Pineda ( and myself.
December 2013

Transforming the Paradigm: Evolving the Energy Revolution 
Green day conference at Chemistry Faculty Mexico’s National Autonomous University (UNAM) (in Spanish)
November 2013

About @WWF’s work debunking myths and misconceptions about #RenewableEnergy
International Renewable Energy Agency (#IRENA) Workshop on Social Acceptance of #RenewableEnergy
October 2013

About @WWF #seizeyourpower campaign
Short presentation of #SYP
July 2013

About @WWF Global #Climate and #Energy Initiative (#GCEI)
E-business card for #BNEF2013
Abril 2013

Visions and Investments: Instruments and Vehicles for the development of Latin America
Webinar Finanzas Carbono (in Spanish)
Abril 2013


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